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Left 4 Dead Tutorials

Left 4 dead online public No Steam servers list

Country Server Name Server IP/DNS Server Mod Non Stop
---(-loser*_*`s room-)--- loseroom.idle.ro:27015 Co-op No
Fild L4D fildl4d.hopto.org Co-op/VS No
Silver Bird PK server lionssilverbird.selfip.com:27016
Co-op/VS No
ToP GuN'z Nighmare suleyman.linkpc.net
Co-op No
Kamikaze Runner's Left 4 Dead Server Versus Yes
L4D Server Of Zombies
Co-op Yes
Zm - Radiobelea.net Co-op Yes
[RO] ZOMBIE INFECTION infected.zapto.org Versus No



Submit your L4D dedicated server here

Submit your server to this form using Server`s name , ip address and port and mod.

Do not submit Lan servers ! We won`t list any lan servers, only Internet ones. Do not use your internal ip ( or Download IP Show software and give us your external ip.

The submitted servers will be verified before listing..

Email address
Server name
Server IP and port (or DNS and port)
Server Country
Server mod
Non Stop


Left 4 Dead
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