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AdminMod tutorial
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AdminMod plugin installation
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Download Counter Strike 1.6 Modern warfare 2 No Steam protocol 47+48

Even if there aren`t a lot of things that can upgrade CS 1.6, an international team of skinners, mapers and coders succeded to bring a breath of novelty to this game. So we release Counter Strike 1.6 Modern Warfare 2, a CS client that looks and feels like Modern Warfare 2. MW2 like skinns, player models, sounds and even some controls (quick slash, quick he grenade throw, quick flashbang throw). You can play this game online, on dedicated servers found in Internet game`s list, and on LAN listenserver started in game using Create Server(with or without bots). Give this game a try ! I You wont be disappointed. See more details here.

Left 4 Dead
Tutorials and Resources

Left 4 Dead is the newest Valve Game . If you are Zombie Mod fans, Survivor Mod fans then you will love this game...if you aren`t, you`ll love this game anyway. Now the game is available in No Steam Version. See the totorials and download the game here.,

Download Left 4 Dead Client
Download The No Steam , online playable Left 4 Dead client.

See Left 4 Dead Tutorials
Find here L4D dedicated server tutorials. How to setup a L4D server, how to patch it for No Steam.

Easiest Counter Strike Source dedicated server tutorials

Having hard time building up a Counter Strike Source dedicated server? Your problems are now gone. You will find here the easiest tutorials on hou to set up a CS:S dedicated server, how to configure it, how to install an administration plugin like Sourcemod or Mani Admin Plugin, how to add admins and custom plugins. Just read carefully the tutorials, follow the steps and the result will be awsome. If you have any question , don`t be shy ... ask questions on our support forum.

Counter Strike Source dedicated server installation tutorial on Windows XP or Vista

This is the begining of your dedicated server... Find out here how to build it, hou to configure it and how to patch it for Non Steam users if you wish.

Sourcemod Tutorial for CS:S dedicated servers

Find out here how to install the most popular administration plugin for Counter Strike Source dedicated servers, how to add admins and how to add custom plug-ins.

Counter Strike 1.6 dedicated server 47+48 protocol patch

This is a patch that makes your server accesible for all players , Steam and Non Steam. See the tutorial and download the patch here.

Download CS LanT Updated 1.6 protocol 47+48 Client

This is a simple CS 1.6 client , that works on both protocols, 47 and 48. It is easy to install , doesn`t require much space (300 MB). The installer will create three shortcuts on your desktop: the main one, one for 47 protocol and one for 48. Download CS 1.6 LanT Updated 47+48 here.

Counter Strike 1.6 dedicated server simple Tutorials

You are sick and tired of cheeters, or getting banned just because you are good , and you have decided to make your own Counter Strike 1.6 server , but you don`t know where to begin . Looking on the internet you find some tutorials and begin to study them. After a few minutes , you are lost ….Too many information, too many terms that you don`t understand. You torture yourself for a few days trying , something comes up but it don`t work properly …You have now the opportunity to succeed. The tutorials that you will find on this site, are the the most simple and intelligible for beginners.Besides you will see that you won`t have many things to manually install , most of the work being done by automatic installers. Makeing a Counter Strike server is a very simple task if you find the right tutorials and the server`s components . More than I incite through our forum we offer you a real support when you are getting stucked or something doesn`t work properly. Even if you are a beginner you `ll recive answer to any question and we shall help you whenever you need us to.Here you`ll find every element that sets up a Counter Strike 1.6 server, you`ll download and install them and everything will be OK . You can set up any kind of CS 1.6 server : simple, superhero mod, warcraft3, knife mod, CSDM ( respawn) deathmatch , gungame, anything is possible with a few amount of labour and lot of patience . After that, have fun and good luck hunting cheeters. Here you`ll find the majority of AmxMod X and AdminMod plugins , Statsme, patches , boosters, HL Guard, AntiCSdos, an automatical addon maker, most generally everything you need in order to set up a functionally Counter Strike 1.6 server. Everything is free, you won`t be charged for any information that we`ll provide you. Our best service is the assistance service meaning that , if you are stocked and have problems regarding your server , you can log into our forum and ask . The answer to your problem will be fast and on point.

These are simple tutorials on every newbie understanding . If you have any question don`t hesitate to post it on the forum . There you`ll find the answer !

You`ll see how easy is to set up a Counter Strike 1.6 server , using installers that do most of the work for you ! Read carefully the tutorials and follow the exact steps witch are described in them, and you`ll have good results !

Amx Mod X Tutorials

See on this site the easiest Amx Modx tutorials. See how to install it, how to configure it, how to add admins and how to add costume plugins to your CS server.

Counter Strike 1.6 dedicated server tutorial

This is by far tehe easiest tutorial on the net regarding the installation of Counter Strike 1.6 dedicated server. See here how to setup one in a few minutes.


Admin Mod Tutorials

This is the Admin Mod installation tutorial for CS servers. See how to install, configure, add admins, install custom plugins.

Image MOTD tutorial

After you have set up the server you can add an image to your motd ! All you have to do is upload a picture of your choice and we`ll come up with the code in a few hours ! It is very easy..

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Skins

Counter Strike 1.6 Skins... skins for every Counter strike - m4a1, ak-47, awp, desert eagle and many more - weapon, grenades, knife, c4...

Download Counter Strike 1.6 maps

Download the newest and hotest maps for Counter strike 1.6. You`ll find here bomb maps, hostage maps, fy maps, fun maps, kz maps, knife maps...

Counter Strike 1.6 and Source cheats

You will finde here cheats and hacks for Counter Strike 1.6 and Source. All kinds of cheats: aimbot, wall hack, speed hack, spin hack, fast fire. You can now download : OGC, CN Hack, one new cheat YaMH, and many others - FarESP, Entity, Full ESP, BunnyHop, Crosshairs, Flash Removal, AimTimer, RadarHack, PlayerGlow, Lambert, FullBright, PixelStyle.

How to add music to your server

Do you want some music on your server ? You don`t know how to add musical sounds to your server? You can now learn how to do it. Put music on your server using the classical roundsound plugin for AmxMod X and , something new, using the modificated miscstats plugin.

Anti crush solution

See the solution against CSDoS server crushing . Simple softweare and tutorial.

CS Bots

How to add bots - podbot, joebot - to Counter Strike 1.6 server.

The best Counter Strike 1.6 Anticheat

This is an Amx Mod X plugin that binds the tabs used to enable cheats (End, Insert, etc) on disconnect.

sXe Injected Anticheat Tutorial

Protecting your server using sXe Injected Anticheat. How to protect your CS 1.6 server from cheaters.

Fast download tutorial

How to make clients to download your server`s files faster. Players will download maps, sounds and models in a few seconds.

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